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2005 Players
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2005 Team Stats
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2005 Tourn Sched


14U Suburban Pride 2004


Player Positions HS District Smile! View Stats
7 Krissy P, 2B, OF Ft. Calhoun Krissy's Stats
29 Sydney P, 1B, 3B Fremont Sydney's Stats
2 Beth SS Ft. Calhoun Beth's Stats
15 Jessica OF, 2B Omaha North Jessica's Stats
39 Ashley P, OF Ft. Calhoun

Ashley's Stats
13 Mackenzie IF, OF Blair Mackenzie's Stats
19 Marley SS, 3B Blair Marley's Stats
22 Mariah 2B, OF Blair Mariah's Stats
1 Krista C Papillion South

Krista's Stats
5 Meredith 2B, OF   Meredith's Stats
23 Danica P, OF Westside  

Danica's Stats


24 Shelbi 1B Valley Shelbi's Stats
9 Maddie CF Shanandoah Maddie's Stats
8 Stephanie* CF, 3B Elkhorn Stephanie's Stats
21 Amy* P, 1B Elkhorn Amy's Stats
 * Fall Ball/Guest Players